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Essay on Sports Day of My School for School Students

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College, Education, High school. Jan 11,  · The sports day turned out to be the grandest day of the year for the school. The day went by very fast. I came in first in the long jump event, and second in the metres race and shot put.

Jun 17,  · Pmr Essay Report Sports Day. Newsletter Winter pub nbsp; W inter is still hanging on here in Michigan and although it does not seem like it now, spring soon will be here. And with it comes an exciting event we hope many of you will be able to attend.

The annual sports day of our school was held on 15th January. On this occasion, our school building and surroundings were nicely decorated with flowers, colour-papers and balloons.

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The Collector of the city was the chief guest. of Sports gives a short speech highlighting the importance of sports in our life. the 17th annual sports. Sports day report essay spm Day Report Essay Spm Home Classic General Sport Day Report Essay Spm 0 1 rimetijati Sport Day Report Essay Causes of ww1 essay alliances My Best Annual Sports Day In Our School.

Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to. My school the St. Andrews Sr. Secondary School also has its Sports Day every year sometime in .

Sport day report essay pmr
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