Explain two reasons why the electoral college has not been abolished

Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College

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The Reason for the Electoral College

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Conflict Vs. Mistake

On December 13,Vice President Al Gore conceded the presidential election to Governor Bush. A day earlier, a lengthy and expensive manual vote recount process in Florida was stopped by the United States Supreme Court despite Bush leading by only votes. But that is less a product of the Electoral College and more a product of the way states apportion electors.

In every state but Maine and Nebraska, electors are awarded on a winner-take-all basis. Voting Rights Background.


is the climactic year in the campaign to win Black voting rights. Sometimes referred to as America's "Second Reconstruction," this fight for the vote stretches far back, deep into history. Previous voting-related articles in this History & Timeline include.

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Explain two reasons why the electoral college has not been abolished
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