College book renter reviews

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College Book Renter

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Fall Book Rentals as Low as $4

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Nobody likes buying college textbooks.

Rent Textbooks by the Week

The entire process is frustrating and hard on your pocketbook. You pay way too much money for a textbook that you might or might not use – depending on how much your professor actually uses that book – and then when the semester is over, you sell it back for considerably less money than you paid for it.

Textbooks can be a financial burden for community college students, but there are ways you can obtain textbooks for free. Students who enter community college today might be dismayed to find that hefty tuition payments are just the beginning of a potentially expensive college career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barnes & Noble College Textbook Rentals - Learn all you need to know about how to rent college textbooks online! The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Online Textbook Rentals here.

BookRenter is an excellent place to rent textbooks online. BookRenter's mission is to make education more affordable, and the textbook rental and buyback services it provides can do just that. Buy, rent or sell textbooks. Compare prices on textbooks and etexts. Sell textbooks for cash via our online textbook buyback.

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College book renter reviews
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